For a supposedly retired fighter, Kell Brook’s name still carries plenty of weight.

Brook officially hung up his gloves after stopping Amir Khan back in February 2022 but - aware that he would still be a high profile and lucrative night’s work for Britain’s light middleweight and middleweight fighters - the former IBF welterweight champion seems unable to shut the door fully on a return to business that has played such a big part in his life.

Brook dominated Khan, ending their long running rivalry in decisive fashion and seemingly bringing an excellent career to an extremely satisfying conclusion. 37-year-old Brook announced his retirement after the fight but in his own words, ‘Never say never.’

“It could be serious but I’m in the shadows at the moment doing my thing,” Brook told BBTV from Fuerteventura where he was ticking over in the gym and enjoying some warm weather.

“I’m retired and we’re getting into something deep here but, listen, I’m always up for a challenge and if it makes sense for me and the right amount of Benjamins we could do it.

“Unless they come serious, I’m happily retired with my pipe and slippers.”

The seemingly endless Chris Eubank Jnr - Conor Benn rigmarole recently rumbled on into its 14th month.

To give some idea of how long the saga has been going on, Brook beat Khan eight months before Benn’s adverse analytical finding caused the cancelation of his scheduled October 202 clash with Eubank Jnr. 

Still, despite his retirement, Brook’s name has never been far from the news as he has been mentioned as an alternative opponent for both fighters. If Eubank Jnr and Benn can’t cut through the red tape and settle their business in the ring, Brook is well ware that his phone may just ring. 

“I’m the biggest name. If I come out of retirement and announce I’m fighting one of them two, we’ve got a sell out straight away so, you know, it’s there,” he said.

Brook admitted that a Benn fight would be particularly tempting.

“Yeah. I think so. I could get out of my silk sheets for that and train hard. I don’t know if they [Eubank and Benn] are fighting each other but I’ll be watching.”