It was made official on Monday, welterweight rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook are finally going to settle their differences.

Their fight will take place on February 19th at the Manchester Arena in Manchester. Sky Sports Box Office will carry the event.

Brook, 35-years-old, has been out of the ring since last November's knockout loss at the hands of WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford.

While Khan, 34-years-old, has been away even longer, with his last fight being a stoppage win over Billy Dib in July of 2019.

The two former world champions have been feuding for years, but they never came close to striking a deal until now.

"Believe you me, after this fight, if he can still remember my name, he will have respect for me when he comes around. I am still the best welterweight in Britain and I will show everyone," Brook said.

Khan believes that he's levels above Brook, who confidently predicts that he will retire the Bolton star from the sport.

"Levels below!? He’s in Cuckooland. He needs to go back to believing he’s a celebrity. This fight is the icing on the cake. This fight is a grudge match, this is what I want. I am sick of people asking me about this fight. I’ve been in with the pound for pound best in the world. This is an easy fight for me," Brook said.

"[Khan is] getting knocked out. This is my first fight. Forget my legacy. I’m gonna knock [Khan] spark out, you’ll see, you’re getting it. It’s easy to talk a big game. Watch what happens. I’m going to knock [Khan] out and look over and go ‘I told you so’. Levels below you?! You’re nuts."

Brook confronted Khan at Monday's London press conference and vented his anger over the numerous delays in making their fight in the last few years.

"You’ve never acknowledged me. I’ve heard you saying ‘Who is Kell Brook?’ I know you know who I am. I can’t want to spark you. I am going to retire you," Brook said.