Former welterweight champion Kell Brook, if he returned to the ring, would embrace the possibility of fighting Chris Eubank Jr. 

Brook retired from the sport in 2022, after scoring a knockout over career rival Amir Khan.

Last year, Brook had a ringside scuffle with welterweight Conor Benn in Dublin.

Because of Benn's ongoing drug testing saga, Brook would prefer a fight with Eubank.

Of course, it would take the right financial figure for Brook to lace up the gloves again.

“Chris Eubank Jr would be in the driving seat for me if I did come back because of the drug allegation hanging over Conor Benn’s head. He’s not sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control, so he’s a little bit out of the picture. But obviously the two names there, Eubank and Benn, could both excite me enough to get me back in the ring," Brook said to Lucky Block.

“If the correct figures were mentioned I could be tempted to put the pipe and slippers away and get the gloves back on. Everywhere I go people are saying they want me out of retirement and that boxing’s dead without me. Apart from me fighting Amir Khan, what fights have really got people excited recently?”

Brook believes the PED allegations against Benn will follow the young fighter around, like a cloud, for years to come.

“I think deep down Benn has got respect for me, but he’s a young fighter and got a bit carried away with himself, wanting to be in the limelight. A lot of things have happened in his life over the past couple of years, with these drug allegations and before that he was a pay-per-view fighter. He gave me a bit of a push in Dublin," Brook said.

"He wants to fight, he wants the big fights, but he’s a young kid and he’s got this problem hanging over his head now. We’ll see what happens with the appeal and if he gets his license. I think it’ll always be a cloud over him.”