Kazuto Ioka, a four-division champion and the defending WBO super flyweight king, thwarted Kosei Tanaka's attempt to become one thanks to his superlative boxing skill and powerful left hooks that scored knockdowns in rounds five and six while also rendering Takana out on his feet in round eight.

Referee Michiaki Someya caught Tanaka before he fell to the floor and waved off the fight, an act that affixed the first loss of Tanaka's career while also ending his attempt to shatter Oscar de la Hoya's record for fewest fights required to become a four-division titlist (16 to De La Hoya's 24).

In extending his record in year-end fights to 9-1 (6 KO), Ioka was slightly less active (65.3 punches per round to Tanaka's 69.2) but more than compensated with superb jabbing (34.8 attempts/9.7 connects per round to Tanaka's 36.4/3.1), more successful body punching (38-31 in connects), superior accuracy (35%-17% overall, 28%-8% jabs, 44%-27% power) and strategic command, all of which led to final connect leads of 174-89 overall, 73-23 jabs and 101-66 power.

The scores at the time of he stoppage were 69-62, 68-63, 68-63 in favor of Ioka.