IBF, WBO, WBC Franchise, WBA lightweight champion George Kambosos went out of his way to assist his upcoming opponent, WBC champion Devin Haney.

Kambosos went to bat for Haney with Australian customs.

The two undefeated boxers are scheduled to collide in a full division unification on June 5 at Marvel Stadium.

Due to a 30-year-old drug conviction, Haney's father and trainer Bill Haney has been blocked from traveling to Australia.

At the moment, Haney's corner will be handled by Yoel Judah - father of former world champion Zab Judah.

Kambosos tried his best to secure entry for Haney's father - because he doesn't want any excuses in the aftermath of the contest.

"Unfortunately, that's the situation; that's not my fault," Kambosos told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"I'm not the prime minister of Australia. I've actually reached out to a few high-profile people who have connections in the government to try to help the situation.

"I know there will be a whole lot of excuses once I destroy Devin Haney: about the father, about the trainer, about the jet lag, about everything. I've been trying my best to see if he can get in but, unfortunately, that's not my problem. I've got all of my team here and I'm ready to fight.

"I'm blessed to have my father with me in my corner, as he was for the Lopez fight. At the end of the day, everyone is parading Devin for making the trip to Australia, but they forget that I've been doing it [fighting overseas] for five years. I've had to [often] go without my father when I'm going over there. Obviously, my father has been a massive part of my career, but I'm a man and I'm always ready to fight by any means, to fight by myself.

'I'm doing him a favor, giving him a shot at making millions of dollars. And then I'm trying to sort out his situation but, at the end of the day, it's not my problem. It's history again, like when Kostya knocked out Zab Judah and took a lot of their belts. This is the same thing, history repeats itself. I can't wait to dismantle this kid."