By Miguel Rivera

The boxer regarded as greatest fighter that Mexican boxing ever produced, the legendary Julio César Chávez, was a victim of crime upon his arrival in Mexico City, where he will participate on the show A Los Golpes on ESPN and analyze the fights for TV Azteca.

"I had just been the victim of an assault, after a gun was put to my head, my watch was snatched and my chain was taken from me, and Jorge (Peña) had his watch taken. There is no doubt that a life is lost in a second," Chavez Sr. wrote on social media.

According to ESPN Deportes, Chavez arrived in Mexico City in the company of Jorge Peña, who is part of his team. As soon as they left the Benito Juarez International Airport, when they had traveled just a kilometer over the Bicentennial Circuit, a motorcycle rolled up and they took the chain Julio César was carrying and demanded the Hublot brand of watch that the World Council of Boxing had given him last May.

Peña was also removed of his watch. They both left their cell phones, but it was said that Julio removed the cartridge and a gun was put to his head while the assailants were demanding that he hand over his property.

Chavez Sr., who established himself in the ring as the first three-time champion in the history of Mexican boxing, is considered to be the greatest Aztec fighter of all time and one of the best Mexican athletes next to Fernando Valenzuela and Hugo Sánchez.

On July 12, the 'César del Boxei' celebrated 57 years of life in the company of his family, and received congratulations from the boxing, business and social world of Mexico and many others around the world, because he is one of the most beloved characters in the social scene of Mexico.