By Osiris Mendez,

At 32 years of age and in the middle of being inactivity for almost two years since his last ring appearance in May 2017, former world champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. affirmed that he can't afford to lose his next fight.

As recently reported, Chavez Jr. is planning a ring return on the tentative date of June 22.

Chavez Jr. said that this break in his career has served him well to reflect on several things and realize that if he wants to aspire to secure important fights he must first prove himself in his reappearance.

"I'm happy because I'm going to fight. Whenever I get in the ring I try to give my best. I have gone more than a year without fighting, I'm really looking forward to returning, to my career, I'll come back with everything," Chavez Jr. said.

Then he added with a firm tone: "I do not intend to lose another fight, I have three losses, if I lose again I would retire, so I tell people to expect the best of me."

He noted that at this point in his career he feels more mature.

"There is excitement to get back into the ring, I am focused on this commitment, I am now more mature, I know what I want, I know how difficult it is to be a boxer, the sacrifices of this profession, but I am willing to make them with the purpose of having a good return," Chavez Jr. remarked.

With a big comeback in mind, he said that a victory he would once again position himself in the super middleweight division, and although his desire is to reign now at 168 pounds, he acknowledged that he will have to fight two or three more times to face a top level opponent.

"Before thinking about a big fight like the one I had with Sergio Martinez' or Canelo, I want to do two or three preparation fights. Against Canelo I was affected by inactivity and not being at that weight for a long time; I do not intend to risk my career, it is the plan that we have to bring back my career in the right manner," Chavez Jr. said.