Former world champion Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez of Puerto Rico spoke for the first time since his ex-partner, Andrea Ojeda Cruz, accused him of physical and emotional abuse on social media before filing a complaint at the Caguas Area Command.

Lopez, who after being arrested managed to be released on bail, must appear on September 21 for a preliminary hearing in the Court in Caguas, had an intervention on the Telemundo program “Día a Día” and was very careful with his statements on the case.

“I want to say that Andrea is a lady, an excellent woman, a hard worker and a fighter; who has been by my side on different occasions, at very difficult moments in my life and has never left me,” Lopez told Raymond Arrieta through a video conference.

“(Andrea) is going through some very difficult times that she doesn't deserve. I ask the people of Puerto Rico, especially my fans, to give her space, respect her and hopefully this process will pass. I love her very much and I hope that if it is in the hands of God that our relationship continues, it will."

On September 8, Judge Isander Rivera Morales determined cause for the arrest of Lopez after the Department of Justice presented seven charges of physical and emotional abuse, threats, and damage to property related to four incidents of domestic violence against Ojeda Cruz, better known as La Peki on social media.

During the interview, Lopez avoided getting into the merits of the accusations being against him, explaining that he is restricted from offering additional comments while the case continues its course.

“They really are the only statements that I wanted to make for the people of Puerto Rico and for Andrea. I am not allowed to make others because it is a delicate case," Lopez said.

Lopez mentioned that he has not had any communication with Ojeda Cruz.