There was a time when Jose Benavidez Sr. had lost hope. His son, David Benavidez, was running through the competition but the super middleweight division's elite showed no interest in fighting him.

Trepidation may have set in but after biding their time and putting in the work, things began changing. Now, in back-to-back fights, David has taken on two top-tier fighters. The first was Caleb Plant and the second being Demetrius Andrade.

Team Benavidez is now on top of the world. They're patiently waiting and hoping that Canelo Alvarez will pick up the phone and give them a call. But while they appear to have their next fight lined up, the rest of the division has to move forward.

Jose isn’t a matchmaker but he could be if he wanted to. Normally, fighters who come out on the losing end of a big fight are immediately pushed to the back of the line and forced to start over. This time around, Jose wouldn’t want to see that. He still considers both Plant and Andrade as excellent fighters.

Instead of those former champions going the mundane route and facing weak opposition, Jose would rather see them fight each other.

“That would be a really good fight that everybody would want to see,” Jose told during a recent interview. “I would love to see that fight.”

In the case of both fighters, they came up short against David Benavidez but the way those showdowns played out were incredibly different. For Plant, he dominated most of the first few rounds before getting pummeled in the second half and losing a fairly close decision. As for Andrade, he enjoyed success in the opening two rounds, but a huge right hand changed everything, leading to a sixth-round stoppage.

Taking into account how they looked against David, Jose believes that the betting public might be siding with Plant in that hypothetical matchup. In terms of picking a winner, Jose was noncommittal. But, those who are sleeping on Andrade have simply lost their mind.

“I don’t know who would win but just don’t count Boo Boo out just because he got stopped.”