Former world champion Jorge Linares, in active since December of 2022, is looking to revamp his career after losing three fights in a row.

Linares dropped a decision to Devin Haney in 2021, and then suffered a pair of defeats in Russia to Zhora Hamazaryan and Zaur Abdullaev.

The ex-beltholder expects to return to the ring in September.

In the last few weeks, Linares has been calling for a fight with newly crowned WBA junior welterweight champion Rolando 'Rolly' Romero. But, Romero was recently ordered to make a mandatory defense against Ohara Davies of the UK.

Linares, 37-years-old, is hoping for a revival. He is currently training in Miami and plans to reunite with veteran Cuban coach Ismael Salas in Las Vegas.

“I am based in Miami. I put everything aside in Japan. It is a time to spread my wings and think about something different, but always with boxing. I am training at the BOXR Gym with Matteo Attalla, where we all have it and always looking for something new to feel more comfortable. We are working daily on what we know how to do, which is boxing," Linares told George Ebro.

“I didn't think I was going to feel this desire to return to the world of boxing. I feel that I am living what I lived through seven or eight years ago, when I lost two consecutive fights that seemed like the end for me. It was hard for me to come back from scratch, but I returned to the United States, I met Ismael Salas, whom I thank for having taught me so many things. He is still a teacher. Now we are training together again.

"I have lived through some very good moments, I have fallen, I have risen. Anyone who knows boxing knows that I am still a dangerous boxer. A million people are viewing my social media networks. We are making some natural, clean, solid and honest noise. No criticism, but the world of boxing has changed. Now it's more show. People want to see me fight.

"[I plan to fight in] September. I wanted to do it in August, but nobody wants to fight. I want something good. I'm not saying I want a million-dollar fight or a world title. That doesn't interest me. I already have five belts. What fulfills me is leaving a legacy, as it should be, making worthwhile fights and entering the Hall of Fame as a Venezuelan.''