The New Year's celebrations did not end well for former world boxing champion, Jorge 'La Hiena' Barrios of Argentina, as he was assaulted and stabbed this morning in Capilla del Monte, about 100 kilometers from the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

The athlete was hospitalized and under observation for the injuries suffered in the chest, right arm and back, at the Municipal Hospital Américo Luqui. He was only robbed of his cell phone and wallet.

According to the first press reports in the neighboring country, the aggressor was already identified as Enrique Icardo, a native of Tigre just like the boxer. The aggressor managed to flee among the crowd of people celebrating the New Year.

But according to the testimony of Barrios' sister, her brother indicates that he did not know Icardo.

According to the details revealed in the media, Barrios was in a cabin complex where the ex-fighter was celebrating the new year. The aggressor approached, hugged him and stabbed him several times with a knife, stole his items and fled.

The attack may was unprovoked - although the person indicated that it was payback.

While the knife was buried in the boxer, the attacker allegedly stated in his ear: "This is because of the people you killed."

The attacker was referring the tragic incident involving Barrios on January 24th, 2010 - when he was involved in a car accident in which a 20-year-old pregnant woman was killed in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata.

In that incident, Barrios ran a red light and fled the scene after the accident. Barrios turned himself to the police several hours after the accident. He was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol but it could not proven given his late arrest. On April 4, 2012 Barrios was declared guilty of negligent homicide and sentenced to spend four years in prison. In November 2014, Barrios finally headed to prison for three and a half years.