Last June, Jordan Gill was at his lowest ebb.

Seven months after losing his European featherweight title to Kiko Martinez and suffering through personal issues, he found himself sitting in a field with a liter of vodka, planning ways to end his life.

Somebody saved Gill that day, and with the support of his friends and family, he found himself again.

The 29-year-old rededicated himself to the sport, and when he was handed the opportunity to fight Michael Conlan in December 2023, he jumped at the chance. Fighting at super featherweight for the first time in six years, he breathed new life into his career by winning in seven rounds.

At the start of 2023, boxing was probably the furthest thing from Gill’s mind. One year on, he is at peace and preparing himself for an important fight with Zelfa Barrett, at the AO Arena in Manchester, U.K., on April 13. There are likely to be world-title implications at 130 pounds for the winner. It is an incredible transformation.

Despite the fight taking place in Barrett’s hometown, Gill’s performance against Conlan means it has been billed Gill-Barrett. And while that has caused some consternation in Barrett’s camp, for Gill it is just another fight. After overcoming everything he did in beating Conlan in front of a partisan Belfast crowd, traveling to Manchester holds no fears for him.

“I don’t care if my name is first or second,” Gill said. “I don’t care if I walk first or second. I don’t care if he’s announced first or second. A fight’s a fight. 

“I’ve shown I’m willing to fight. I’ve been to Belfast and boxed Conlan and I’ve come to Manchester to box Zelfa. I’m here for it.”

There will be no animosity or trash talk between them. They like each other personally and admire each other professionally. Style-wise, they are both stylish sharp-shooters, with plenty of similarities between the two.

Every time Gill shadowboxes in the mirror over the coming weeks, he will likely see a fairly decent imitation of Barrett looking right back at him. Gill appreciates the task he has in front of him, and he is looking forward to it.

“He’s very good,” Gill said of Barrett. “A very good fighter. I like his style and I like watching him fight. He can do a bit of everything. He can fight, box and move. I like his style. I’m a big, big fan of Zelfa.

“It all depends how he comes out and how he reacts to what I’m doing. I think it’ll be an exciting fight, but a mixture of everything. A touch of pressure, maybe a bit of a boxing match. Some moments might be cagey and he can punch hard, so I’ve got to respect his power and go about my business smartly.”