Super featherweight Jono Carroll pulled off a very impressive performance in his last ring outing back in March, when he dominated and stopped former world champion Scott Quigg.

Now Carroll would like to secure a clash with former two division world champion Carl Frampton.

“Everyone knows I have called for the Carl Frampton fight,” Carroll told Charlie Parsons. “The reason I’d love to fight him is because he is a superstar in Ireland and I don’t believe I’ve got the recognition I deserve in Ireland. Beating him would give me that credit and allow me to say ‘I told you motherf--kers I am the next big thing coming out of Ireland.’"

Carroll believes that he doesn't have the notoriety and proper respect from the Irish fans - which he believes he can secure with another big showcase fight against an opponent like Frampton. 

Carroll finds himself labeled as the B-side fighter in bigger matches. He wants to fight his way to the point where people regard him as the A-side.

“I don’t need credit, but at the same time I’d like to get it from the Irish people," Carroll said.

“I have nothing but love and respect for Carl and what he has achieved. I just feel that is by far the best boxer every to come out of Europe and that’s why I want to fight Carl. I want to be that person I want people to speak of me in that tone. I want to be the best to every come out Europe - and I will be.”

“I am not asking for the credit, I don’t even care what people say, but every time I fight in big fight… for example Scott Quigg was a Matchroom fighter, I wasn’t signed to Matchroom, so that is why the commentary was ‘oh he is washed up’ and this and that.

“It was all more him and not about how spectacular I had been or how I made him look easy to beat. It wouldn’t have mattered if I fought him in his prime. It was the same when I fought Farmer, there were times when I was doing amazing in that farmer fight and they were complimenting him for catching me with one shot. It’s simply because he was the promoters fighter and I was brought in to be beat. That’s just the way the sport is.”