WBO junior flyweight world champion Jonathan "Bomba" Gonzalez is hunting for more gold - and he will find no obstacles from the World Boxing Organization (WBO).

The president of the sanctioning body, Francisco "Paco" Valcárcel, assured that González has the free path to pursue a unification fight at 108 pounds with the world champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the World Boxing Association (WBA), Japanese star Kenshiro Teraji.

González expressed his desire to unify titles as soon as he made a successful second defense on November 1 against the Shokichi Iwata, whom he defeated by unanimous decision at the Saitama Arena in Tokyo.

“I understand that you are interested in unification and that there were conversations. If there was a unification fight on the table with [Teraji], we would not oppose it," Valcárcel told Giovanny Vega. "Jonathan looked very good in his defense in November."

The WBO was one of the pieces of the puzzle that was needed to finalize the unification fight between González and Teraji.

Promoter Félix "Tutico" Zabala told El Vocero that the possibility of a unification fight depended on the authorization of the WBO.

"For us, if they give us permission, of course we would be interested in fighting Kenshiro," Zabala said.

“Some time ago, 'Bomba' was the one who asked me for the fight with Elwin Soto, telling me that I could beat him. We got it for him and he won hands down. He now he has also told us that he wants the fight with Kenshiro. Here the thing is that if the WBO gives us the authorization, it is a fight that interests us and that "Bomba" also deserves. It would be historic by unifying titles in its division."

González – with a record of 27-3-1 record and 14 KO's– is currently the only Puerto Rican champion boxer in the men's division.