Unified junior middleweight champion Natasha Jonas is among the many fighters who are looking forward to Saturday's big middleweight unification between career rivals Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall.

Ten years ago, when they were amateurs, Marshall scored a decision win over Shields.

That was the last, and only time, Shields has tasted defeat in a boxing ring.

Since that contest, Shields has captured gold at two Olympic games and secured world titles in three weight classes.

Marshall, regarded as one of the biggest punchers in women's boxing, is banking on her power to close the show before the scorecards. 

"Claressa has the opportunity to right the only wrong that has blemished her boxing record, while Savannah has the opportunity to set her straight. This is a genuine 50/50 fight, which boxing fans are always screaming out for, and it's a rivalry which isn't forced or manufactured. They really don't like each other," Jonas said.

"The general feeling is that Claressa will win on points or Savannah will be victorious by knockout, and I do buy into that. Savannah can box, make no mistake. She is a great technical fighter. But if pushed for a prediction, I think Claressa will be winning on the cards when Savannah lands and wins by stoppage. She has that one-punch power which is just devastating.

"In 20 minutes, with 10 two-minute rounds, a shot will definitely land. Claressa can be elusive for a while, but not for the whole fight. People think she is invincible, however she was dropped in her sixth fight by Hanna Gabriels. She has the potential to be hurt.

"A loss would be damaging to Claressa's ego rather than her boxing reputation. She calls herself the Greatest Woman of All Time, and she 100% believes she is the GWOAT. As a nation, us Brits don't really take to that. We like to be humble. We had it with Prince Naseem Hamed, I'd say more people went to see him lose than win. We didn't like it when Floyd Mayweather did it. And it's the same with Claressa."