Former Olympian Natasha Jonas believes she did enough to walk away with the titles in her ten round draw with undefeated champion Terri Harper.

Their fight took place last Friday at Matchroom's Fight Camp, with Jonas challenging Harper for her WBC, IBO super featherweight titles.

Jonas, who many viewed as being too old at 36, put in an explosive performance as she went to war with the 23-year-old Harper for much of the fight.

She managed to hurt Harper in the eight round and was very active with her combinations.

In the end, the judges were split on the outcome with Harper winning 96-94 on one card, 96-95 for Jonas on another, and 95-95 for the draw.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has expressed heavy interest in matching them in a rematch.

And Jonas plans to pursue the rematch.

“Of course I felt I was hard done by. I’m hugely disappointed, don’t let this smiling face fool you. I wanted to be waking up with the belt and celebrating with my family as a world champion," Jonas explained to Gareth Davies of The Telegraph.

"I think I've learnt to accept this from my amateur career - you can box your best and lose and box your worst and win. You take it as it comes. There’s no point in wingeing about it, it is what it is. I can’t kick up a fuss because it won’t change anything. The result will be the same. I have to look for the positives and take that. A lot of people had written me off. Everyone said I was too old and weight drained, that I wasn’t fit for ten rounds. I think I proved them all wrong. That for me is the positive. I can’t change anything.

"I’m going to push for [for the rematch]. Eddie Hearn was saying [Friday] night it was definitely something he wanted to do again and it interests the British public. I’m not sure it’s something Terri will want to do again. I’d love it to be straight away so I can continue on my journey.  I’ll just wait for the call. This is mostly on Terri Harper because I don’t know if she’ll want that fight again. It was still really special, part of history. Hopefully people appreciate the fight we put on.”