John Fury, father and trainer of light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury, indicates that his son will batter social media star KSI in their boxing match on October 14 in Manchester.

Fury, 24-years-old, is coming off a split decision win over another social media star, Jake Paul - which took place back in February in Saudi Arabia.

John Fury is expecting a wild brawl instead of an actual boxing match.

"We are training for an old-fashioned punch up. There is no-rules, it will not be a boxing fight. It will be a punch up until one submits. In a Misfits fight anything can happen, Tommy will grab hold of him and punch him until he urinates himself," John Fury told Boxing Social.

"It is our duty to entertain. You can only entertain with blood and snot coming out of each man. This is a street-fight with gloves on. We are not going to show nice boxing skills, we will go to club him into submission. Tommy is a strong man. It is about who wants it the most.”

Tommy Fury has promised to rid the sport of social media stars making the jump to the sport of boxing. On the back of his victory over Paul, Fury believes KSI is the last remaining piece of that puzzle.

“I’m like kind of the ‘caped crusader’ of all this YouTube boxing. They all want to see me come in and destroy these guys But one’s already been done. This one will be done in a matter of weeks, and then it’s on to the next challenge. People want to see these guys get knocked out," Tommy Fury said.