Olympic silver medal winner Joe Joyce is hoping the International Olympic Committee will award him a gold medal following numerous reports that his 2016 super heavyweight final with Tony Yoka was one of the manipulated matches at the Rio Games.

Earlier this week, a report from Professor Richard McLaren revealed this week that 11 matches at the 2016 Games - including Joyce vs. Yoka - was subject to a 'system of manipulation'.

According to the report from McLaren, there is no evidence that any of the fighters were aware of the corruption.

Joyce has now broken his silence on the matter.

"It's sad to see corruption in any sport but particular in boxing - the sport I love. I firmly believe that I was the winner of the match with Tony Yoka and deserved the gold medal," Joyce stated.

"But on the day, I did not get that decision and at the time I accepted that. I scanned the Mclaren report and have read that there was corruption in the AIBA and that corruption affected the result of my gold medal match with Tony Yoka.

"If corruption has taken place, and it appears that it has, I trust AIBA and the IOC will ensure the integrity of the sport is upheld and award me the gold medal. I will be considering the report in detail with my legal team and await the decision of AIBA and the IOC. Corruption should never be allowed to succeed."

Former International Boxing Association president, Wu Ching-kuo, is alleged to have let ‘manipulation flourish’.

"AIBA hired Professor McLaren because we have nothing to hide. We will work to incorporate any helpful recommendations that are made. We will also take legal advice with regard to what action is possible against those found to have participated in any manipulation," Umar Kremlev, the new head of the AIBA, said in a statement:

"There should be no place in the Aiba family for anyone who has fixed a fight.”