Welterweight contender Jaron "Boots" Ennis is very focused on becoming a world champion in 2021.

Ennis (27-0, 25 KOs) made his 2021 debut earlier this month, with the most impressive win of his career to date.

It only took him six rounds to score a knockout win over former world champion Sergey Lipinets, who was coming off a draw with crafty boxer Custio Clayton.

Now Ennis is gunning for the biggest and best fights in the weight class - with focused goal of securing a world title by the end of the year - or early 2022 at the latest.

"I can box, I fight on the inside, I’m strong, fast, powerful, everything you need I have it and I’m well rounded in everything. I think this division, they’re only good at one thing or two things, but I’m good at everything," Ennis told Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast.

"I want a top three or top five guy (the Keith Thurmans, Shawn Porters, Yordenis Ugas) that way it will put me in line for a world title by the end of the year or the beginning of 2022. I just want all the great fights and fight all the best fighters and that’s the goal.

"I haven’t shown the world my full potential, I’ve shown like 30%, 40%. I feel like I really haven’t had to go into my bag yet to show my full potential and in my last fight I was just warming up and I end up getting a knockout."

All Ennis can do at the moment is fight whoever his handlers place in front of him. It's getting much harder for his handlers to secure opponents, with many fighters demanding substantial sums of money to face the unbeaten boxer.

"That’s the goal, fight the best, work my way up, I know I got to work my way up, I know they’re not just going to pick me and fight me and I respect it. I’m going to continue to work my way up to the world title, keep beating everybody they put in front of me and eventually I’ll be a world champion. I figure it will be the end of this year or beginning of 2022," Ennis said.