It is safe to say that boxing judge Glenn Feldman will never work a Most Valuable Promotions event.

Following his latest comments, MVP co-founder Jake Paul will likely never again do business with Matchroom Boxing—except perhaps in a court of law.

The outspoken content creator, boxing manager and aspiring cruiserweight has made damning allegations against Feldman, a Connecticut-based ring official whose recent scorecards Paul has called to task. Feldman had the widest scorecard among the three judges assigned to the Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano superfight in April and was the lone official who had Anthony Joshua outpointing Oleksandr Usyk in their unified heavyweight title fight rematch this August in Saudi Arabia.

“I still think Amanda Serrano won the fight,” Paul told IFL TV’s Umar Ahmed in a recent interview when asked to reflect on the fight. “And then you see how this judge Glenn Feldman, who had the biggest gap between Taylor and Serrano. Everyone pretty much had it a draw… a draw or that Amanda won. But there’s this judge, Glenn Feldman, who scored it such a big gap for Taylor, gave rounds that Amanda clearly won, to Taylor.

“Then this judge, Glenn Feldman, shows up in Saudi and scores Anthony Joshua to win (against Usyk). Everyone who watched the fight (knows) it’s not a split decision. Usyk had a runaway victory, clearly won the fight. This judge, Glenn Feldman, gives it to Anthony Joshua? It’s like a repeated crime here. This type of shit, I’m going to call it out here in boxing because it’s bullshit. Clearly, this guy is getting paid money by Matchroom Boxing.”

Feldman (97-93) found seven rounds to score for Taylor over Serrano in their tightly contested affair that remains a leading candidate for 2022 Fight of the Year. Taylor prevailed by split decision to defend her undisputed lightweight championship.

The second fight between Joshua and Usyk was considerably more straightforward, or so most thought would be the case.

Joshua (24-3, 22KOs) was competitive through nine rounds before Usyk (20-0, 13KOs) dominated the final three rounds to seemingly cement a second straight win and defend his WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO heavyweight titles on August 20 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Judges Viktor Fesechko (116-112) and Steve Gray (115-113) had Usyk winning, as did most observers. Feldman (115-113 Joshua) was the dissenting official, turning in a card that wasn’t even supported by Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s career-long promoter.

That didn’t prevent the outspoken Paul (5-0, 4KOs) from claiming corruption between Feldman and Matchroom in lieu of scoring incompetence.  

“It’s a bold statement and an accusation that I don’t take lightly but it’s just blatantly obvious,” stated Paul. “They’re not even trying to hide it. You’d think they get a different judge that fucked up the scoring from Taylor-Serrano. You’d think they’d get a different judge to bring to Saudi Arabia, especially since he’s from the U.S.

“Why all of a sudden does he appear in Saudi? You’d think they’d get a different judge to try to hide the corruption that they’re bringing to this sport but it’s so blatantly obvious.”

The strong claim isn’t the first time that Paul has gone this route. He was vocal in his belief that older brother Logan Paul was the victim of a rigged fight in his November 2019 clash with fellow YouTube personality KSI who claimed a six-round, split decision victory in Los Angeles.

The elder Paul scored a knockdown in round four, though during a sequence where referee Jack Reiss deducted two points for separate fouls. The point deductions were the margin of difference between a Paul victory and the split decision that eventually landed in favor of KSI.

“Two points gone and it changes the decision of the fight,” the younger Paul said at the time, when he was still more than two months away from his January 2020 pro debut. “Logan is the better fighter, more technical. KSI was just going out and throwing punches. He got lucky... that's the way the cookie crumbles and respect to KSI. At the end of the day it's bullsh!t, there is nothing you can do though. It's over and they will probably never fight again, so chalk it up to the f------ game.

“I think the [California] commission should contest it. If they don't flip that decision, you know, then it's just bullsh!t. At the end of the day... I probably shouldn't be saying this - but all of this sh!t is f------ rigged. You see people wining and dining each other. You see people at the Staples Center... who was at the Staples Center last night with KSI? Joe Markowski from DAZN. This sport is rigged, for sure, 100%. The short amount of time I've been here [in boxing], I've heard multiple stories about people paying stuff off, choosing fights.”

Jake Donovan is a senior writer for Twitter: @JakeNDaBox