"Action" Jackson England has moved up to number 36 in the world after winning his fight against Shiva Mishra.

In his first fight back in over a year, Western Australian boxer England has come out swinging.

Squaring off against New Zealand fighter Mishra on May 28, England powered his way to victory to capture the WBC Asian Boxing Council and IBO Oceania Orient belt.

After 15 months of not being in the ring, England said it was an amazing feeling to fight in front of a crowd again.

"It felt good to jump back in there and fight in such a long time," he said.

"To be there and have people there watch me fight, it felt really amazing. When a lot of people stay out of the ring for too long they can have ring rust and need to let themselves settle back in but I didn't have that at all. I didn't feel like I had been out of the ring for 15 months. I'm not one to really get nervous, I just got into that focus of putting on a good performance."

He put on a good performance by knocking out Mishra with a sixth round TKO stoppage.

Mishra started well, winning the first round but by the third he was in trouble after being hit with England's hard body shots.

In rounds four and five, England's combination body punches and uppercuts had Mishra reeling, and the fight ended in round six when Mishra could not continue.

"The fight planned out exactly how we wanted it to go. I was pretty confident in my own ability walking in there," England said.

"The plan was to go out there and get the rounds underneath us and beat him up in each round. He definitely came to fight and be rough but that was exactly what we expected. As soon as he did that he fell right into our plan and Mishra had no other solutions after that."

The win saw him jump to number 36 in the WBC world ratings, which has opened up international fight opportunities for England.

"The next goal is to get another big fight whether it's here or over East or even if there's talks of the borders opening up, possibly going to the UK or US," England said.

"Now because I have those belts people are going to want to fight me to take them off me or I could be put up for another belt that is higher than the ones I just won. This puts me in a position to travel internationally to fight. If I do have the option to travel I would love to do that."