Jack Catterall cut a content figure as he sat down at the press conference after battling to a deserved victory over Josh Taylor in their hard fought rematch. 

Catterall, 29-1 (13 KO’s), has been answering questions about the Scotsman since losing a controversial split decision to the then undisputed super lightweight champion in February 2022 but can finally switch his attention to new names and different challenges.

Some felt that the 30-year-old’s sheer desperation to win, coupled with the vitriol which had built up between the two men, would result in the normally patient Catterall getting caught up in the emotion of the event and fighting more aggressively than normal. 

Taylor accused Catterall of holding and spoiling throughout the first fight. This time around, Catterall answered fire with fire but despite carrying over two years of frustration, he managed to keep his emotions in check and refrain from engaging in a manner that would better suit his rival.

Time and again, Catterall would answer Taylor’s attacks with a burst of his own but then move, jab and slow down the pace back down to re-establish control. 

Catterall has a reputation for being cool and calm on fight night and he once again demonstrated his temperament in a real high pressure situation. 

“You have to stay disciplined but I knew I couldn’t become too complacent. I knew the threats that Josh brung but I also knew that I had to push and squeeze it out of him. I couldn’t just coast for this victory, I had to really go for it so it was a mix of keeping the emotions intact and being disciplined but also talking those opportunities when you see them,” Catterall said.

Catterall now fancies a shot at WBO 140lbs champion, Teofimo Lopez. The American beat Taylor at Madison Square Garden last June and has a title defence against Steve Claggett booked in for June. Assuming he comes through, Catterall wants the next shot at the former unified lightweight champion. 

“I was mandatory for the WBO title for what felt like a lifetime. He beat Taylor before I did. We’ve both got the win over him and I want to prove that I’m better than him. I believe that I’ve got the style to beat Lopez and that’s the fight I want.”