Former two division world champion Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon is determined to give himself a new opportunity in the ring even though he's been retired from boxing since 2012.

A few days ago, Calderon hinted at the probability of a ring return.

Calderon assured that he still has several goals to achieve.

The first is to face and beat his old opponent Alex “El Nene” Sanchez to enter the World Boxing Organization rankings and then challenge the 105-pound champion, Puerto Rico's Wilfredo “Bimbito” Mendez.

The planned return will not be an exhibition match.

The 46-year-old Calderon (35-3-1, 6 KO) confirmed that he has an agreement with Sanchez (31-8-1, 21 KO), who retired in 2011.

The duo fought on December 6, 2003 at the Rubén Rodríguez Coliseum in Bayamón and the intention is for the sequel to occur on the same day in the aforementioned scenario.

“It all started as a joke during a conversation, but in the end Sanchez stayed with that and added fuel to the fight . He said that the first time he was going to knock me out, but I proved he can't,” shared Calderon to Carlos Gonzalez.

“At first the idea was to make it an exhibition, but Sanchez said no, he wants something serious. We agreed and, perhaps, it could be done for a vacant regional title to enter the 105-pound rankings [of the WBO] and then challenge Bimbito Méndez."

Calderon acknowledged that a showdown with Mendez will be subject to him continuing as champion and, furthermore, accepting the challenge.

“If it happens, I understand that it would be an attractive fight, but if it doesn't happen, it just doesn't happen. It also remains to be seen how I feel physically. The idea is that the fight against Sanchez would be at 112 pounds and then drop to 105. Losing weight now is more complicated. Before, I lost six pounds in one day and now I can lose only two,” Calderon shared.

Calderon explained that his greatest motivation is to become the oldest Puerto Rican boxer to obtain a world title.

“When I was a 105-pound champion, I made 12 defenses in a row. Then I won the 108-pound belt and defended it seven times. I want to continue making history by becoming the oldest world champion in Puerto Rico. It is a personal goal," said Calderon.