On Saturday night, Isaac Chamberlain became the new British and Commonwealth cruiserweight champion, winning a dominant unanimous decision victory (119-111, 118-111, 118-111) against an undefeated champion in Mikael Lawal at the historic York Hall, Bethnal Green.

The Brixton native commanded the fight for the whole 12 rounds, rendering a dangerous opponent in Lawal totally ineffectual in his attempts to turn the fight into an ugly brawl where Lawal’s savage power would make the difference.

However, at both long range and close, Chamberlain showed his quality and intelligence to make the fight exactly what he wanted it to be.

Chamberlain established his jab successfully and managed the range of the fight from the very first bell, leaving Lawal unable to find the opportunity to effectively apply his knockout power. Chamberlain also dominated the physical battle of the fight, pushing Lawal in the clinch and tiring Lawal out.

Lawal kept pushing until the final bell, growing into the fight in the final few rounds while many others would have given up after Chamberlain's total early dominance.

However, Chamberlain perfectly managed the closing stages to take victory.

Chamberlain has only lost in close fights to future world champions and showed himself to still be one of the very best in the stacked British cruiserweight division. Wherever he goes next, his boxing ability cannot be overlooked by any potential opponent.

Chamberlain said to Sky Sports after the fight: “I didn't have the best amateur career, I had nine fights, they chucked me in the deep end and I kept going. When I was younger I had low self-esteem, but I said I believe in the ability I have. Even though I had niggles coming to this fight, I said 'it's now or never'. All the fights that are there now - let's make them happen.”