Tokyo, Japan – A meeting was held between the President of the International Boxing Association (IBA), Umar Kremlev, and Mr. Nishimura Yasutoshi, the current Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan (METI).

During the discussions, a broad spectrum of collaboration was explored, placing special emphasis on sports development, particularly in the realm of boxing.

Kremlev highlighted the ongoing commitment to strengthen prize money at IBA championships, recognizing its role in not only motivating athletes but also in advancing the global stature of boxing. The President of the IBA also conveyed a powerful desire to host the IBA World Championships in Japan. Both parties underscored the pivotal role of sports as a catalyst for strengthening international relations and fostering cultural exchange.

Sewonrets Okazawa, the esteemed world champion and participant in the TOKYO 2020 Olympics, attended the meeting. On December 9, Okazawa is set to showcase his talent at the IBA Champions' Night in Dubai.

Kremlev extended his best wishes to Okazawa, who will proudly represent Japan in the upcoming bout, highlighting the unity that sports bring on a global stage.