Eddie Hearn, promoter for Dillian Whyte, believes there are one too many voices involved in Deontay Wilder's career.

The former WBC heavyweight champion has been away from the ring since February 2020, when he was stopped in seven rounds by Tyson Fury.

In the aftermath of that contest, Wilder admits he unleashed a verbal assault on multiple members of his team.

Several members were eliminated, including longtime co-trainer Mark Breland.

In the last few weeks, Wilder and Breland have been trading harsh words and accusations through the media.

"Obviously Mark Breland and Jay Deas and Shelly Finkel and Al Haymon, the old saying, 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'. Sometimes a massive team of people that actually aren't all on the same boat can be a disaster. I think in that team now, it's so disjointed and fragmented, that I don't know what they're going to do," Hearn told Sky Sports.

"I'll let them sort out their problems. Hope to see Wilder in the ring. Good fighter, great for the sport of boxing, so let's see these fights."

Whyte is currently preparing for a scheduled rematch with Alexander Povetkin on March 6th.

Back in August, Povetkin scored a sensational fifth round knockout of Whyte at Matchroom's Fight Camp in Brentwood.

Should Whyte come away with the win, Hearn would love to match him against Wilder.

The two boxers despise each other - which sets the stage for a very marketable fight.

"First things first is March 6 for Dillian Whyte," Hearn said. "If he loses that, then he can forget fighting Deontay Wilder, and he can forget fighting for a world championship, so he must win that fight.

"For me, outside of AJ against Fury, Whyte-Wilder remains one of the biggest fights in boxing. I would love to make that fight. I think Deontay Wilder needs to get back in the ring. I certainly wouldn't be looking to put him in with Dillian Whyte straight off the bat. He needs a fight in my opinion. Presumably he's going to be working with a new team of trainers."