Dillian Whyte is looking towards a rematch with Anthony Joshua - and he's predicted "there will be blood" when he meets fierce rival Dereck Chisora in a heavyweight rematch in London on Saturday.

Chisora warned Whyte he will hunt down and "pound" his fellow Londoner at the O2 Arena this weekend.

Whyte was awarded victory on a split-decision verdict when he faced Chisora for the first time two years ago and the 30-year-old is confident he will defeat his compatriot in more emphatic fashion second time around.

He said: "Derek will see how strong I am. I'm used to people trying to get into my head. I don't think even Derek himself knows what he is doing.

"I've had good learning fights and there's still a lot more to come - I'll fight anybody.

"I'll do whatever it takes to get the win, I conserve my energy, I'm relaxed. There will be blood on Saturday night."

Chisora is determined to earn a potential shot at Anthony Joshua by gaining revenge on Whyte.

"Eddie Hearn is dangling a carrot in front of me and Dillian - that's AJ," the 34-year-old.

"Whatever plan Dillian's team have, ours is to bite the gum shield, seek and destroy."

But promoter Eddie Hearn indicates that a fight between Joshua and the Whyte-Chisora winner is not a given - depending on what WBC champion Deontay Wilder wants to do.

Wilder is likely heading towards a rematch with Tyson Fury, but Hearn is not convinced the second fight will happen.

“The winner of this fight Saturday night is so important to the global heavyweight scene and so much is at stake," Hearn said.

“The Whyte fight is a big fight for Anthony, but I will stress again the one fight we want is with Wilder. We’re talking now. People shouldn’t assume the rematch with Fury is happening because the deal won’t be that easy. It never is for a fight of that size. It all depends really on Wilder; if he wants to be undisputed and if that matters to him. He can fight Fury after if he believes he can beat A.J. We don’t get chances very often to have undisputed champions, and that’s what everyone wants."