Promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom is expecting a knockout ending in the upcoming crossroads heavyweight clash between Daniel Dubois and Jarrell Miller.

Their fight will be part of the big boxing card on December 23 in Saudi Arabia.

The card will be headlined by Hearn's biggest star, former two-time world champion Anthony Joshua, who faces top contender Otto Wallin.

"It’s a great fight. Miller will either get stopped or he’ll stop Daniel Dubois. If he gets stopped that’s the end of Jarrell Miller, if he stops Daniel Dubois he’s right back in the mix," Hearn told Fight Hub TV.

Miller has a long history of animosity with Joshua.

They were scheduled to collide in 2019 in New York City, but Miller was pulled from the fight after testing positive for numerous performance enhancing drugs.

During the press conference to announce the December card, Joshua and Miller resumed their hostilities by trading heated words.

Should Miller secure an impressive win over Dubois, then a fight with Joshua could be a possibility down the line.

"Joshua wants to smash him up. Don’t forget the beef that those two had in New York, then the round table which nobody has seen yet but I’m sure it will get released one day soon. There is history there," Hearn said.

"We know why the fight didn’t happen and there are a lot of people from our side that aren’t happy with what he did. The fight has never come back round because I felt like he didn’t deserve it. But sometimes time is a good healer and if he can beat Daniel Dubois then I’m sure he’ll scream and shout in that ring and say ‘I want AJ’ and then commercially that fight becomes big. Good luck to Jarrell, I don’t have dislike or hatred towards him, I don’t like what I saw but good luck."