Eddie Hearn is optimistic that Chris Eubank Sr. will eventually be by his son’s side.

Eubank Sr., one of the most decorated fighters in recent British boxing history, drew attention recently when he publicly declared that he was against his son’s involvement in a 157-pound catchweight fight against Conor Benn on Oct. 8 at the O2 in London. Eubank Jr. has indicated that he has had virtually zero contact with his father since he signed a contract to fight Benn. As for Benn, his father has been in his camp the entire time.

The Eubank Jr.-Benn bout has drawn considerable attention in the United Kingdom because it has rekindled a rivalry that goes back three decades. The two fights between the fighters’ fathers, Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn, in the early 1990s, captivated the British sporting public.

Their sons will face off against each other in a bid to win generational bragging rights, but unlike the fathers, Eubank Jr. and Benn fight in different divisions. Eubank Jr. has been a career 160 and 168-pounder, while Benn is a welterweight. The 157-pound catchweight requires Eubank to drop more pounds than he has in his entire professional career, while Benn will have to scale nearly two divisions.

Concerned about his son’s “dangerous” weight cutting requirements, Eubank Sr. has made it clear he completely disapproves of the fight and even threatened to take legal action.

“I've given him my direction,” Eubank Sr. told the Daily Mail. “If he doesn't want to follow it, he will be dragged along. But he will do what is right for him… he is coming down 1oz below 160lbs which cannot happen on my watch.”

Despite his heated opposition, Benn’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, believes Eubank Sr. will be reunited with his son in the days leading up to the actual fight.

“Well, Nigel’s been here (with his son) the whole camp,” Hearn told iD Boxing. “Chris Sr. hasn’t, but I would expect him to be there for fight week. One, I think he’ll support his son, and two, I think he’ll want to be involved. It’s a momentous occasion. Both dads will be desperate to win.”