By Rick Reeno

Sources with knowledge of the details are indicating to that Al Haymon's new boxing series, "Premier Boxing Champions," is now heading to ESPN.

Last month, Haymon announced two television deals, with NBC and Spike TV. Both of those deals, like the expected deal with ESPN, are being done as part of a time buy by Haymon's company, Haymon Boxing.

As part of the deal with NBC, Haymon is going to stage 20 "Premier Boxing Champions" events in 2015, with eleven of those cards on NBC and the rest on NBC Sports. The deal with Spike TV calls for 33 cards on Friday nights, with nine in 2015 and twelve per year in 2016 and 2017.

The details connected with the terms of the ESPN deal is unknown - other than Haymon's company paying for the TV time. Whether or not the series will be tied in to ESPN2's Friday Night Fights series or branch off on a different day of the week as a PBC entity has not been confirmed at the moment.

Several sources also indicate that Haymon's company is in the process of cutting a time buy deal with Telemundo [which could be part of his NBC pact] - and there are also reported talks between Haymon's company and BET, and CBS Sports.

Haymon has over 160 fighters under contract, which more than enough to spread around between the various networks.