Ricky Hatton, who is part of Tyson Fury's training team, has fired back at the recent allegations that were made by Deontay Wilder.

Last month, Wilder took to social media and made several controversial claims regarding his February rematch with Fury.

Fury won the bout by way of a seventh round stoppage to capture Wilder's WBC heavyweight title at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

In a video released last month, Wilder alleged that Fury had loaded his gloves and even manipulated his gloves for the first encounter in December 2018.

Wilder also made allegations against his former co-trainer, Mark Breland. He claimed the veteran trainer was 'disloyal' and may have spiked his water.

Hatton has advised Wilder to shut his mouth and focus on his future in the ring.

"It's absolutely ludicrous. Tampering with gloves is impossible to do. The officials in the changing rooms sign the bandages off, feel the gloves, touch the gloves, they do the tape, it is actually impossible to get anything squeezed into the gloves," Hatton told Behind The Gloves.

"I am a former world champ, I'd like to think a respected world champion, a boxing trainer now and don't forget Freddie Roach is in my corner, he's had more world champions than hot dinners. And Ben Davison, he's had world champions, three people held in high regard in boxing terms. To accuse [us of] something so pathetic, that physically cannot happen, was upsetting from a fellow pro.

"I think I speak for them that I see it as an absolute insult. If he keeps coming out with innuendo like he is, he will tarnish his legacy and his career, it's madness. His suit was too heavy, Mark Breland spiked his water, Tyson had things down his gloves, I've found it quite entertaining to be honest with you. From one pro to another, he needs to keep his mouth shut and let his fighting do the talking."

Wilder and Fury are now involved in a legal rift over the rematch clause that stems from the contract for the second fight. Fury and his handlers believe the clause has expired and Wilder believes it's still valid.