Alex Bornote, manager of former world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux, says the boxer is still eager to continue his career.

Rigondeaux (20-3, 13 KOs), 41-years-old, has been winless in his last two bouts, with defeats at the hands of John Reil Casimoro and   Vincent Astrolabio.

And then a few months ago, Rigondeaux suffered injuries to his eyes after a pressure cooker exploded while making the boxer was making a meal.

The eye injuries have improved, with the boxer hoping to fight again by the month of September.

"He has already recovered 100% vision in his left eye. On the right he still has his struggles and he's like 50-60 percent, but we're hoping the guy will be ready by September. That's the date we're looking at," Bornote told George Ebro.

"He says that he wants to fight, that he still has something left. He says that he has to make a strong camp, get well prepared. In this last fight he says that he did not feel well prepared. The camp was good, Pedro Díaz did a good job. It's not the trainer's fault, but he didn't feel good. He says that he wants to make a better camp and that he wants to fight.

"He always believes that he can dominate, but he doesn't take to throwing certain punches. So he frustrates us a lot, because in the recent fights... the one with Casimero he could have won it by having thrown three or four more punches. In the last one he didn't go out to kill Astrolabe. He did not command respect and made a mistake. After he was knocked down, he came out to win every round, but he says that he didn't feel well, that the punches didn't come out.''