LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles-based officers featured on the RingTVLive.com live stream on the undercard of the July 1 edition LA FIGHT CLUB visited the Golden Boy Promotions office and the Ring TV Live studios today to talk about their upcoming bouts.  The LAPD vs. NYPD fighters will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation with amateur-style fights at downtown Los Angeles' historic Belasco Theater. The event will also feature three professional Golden Boy fights as part of the televised portion of the night, with Oscar Negrete (14-0, 5 KOs) against Jose Bustos (11-6-3, 7 KOs) as the event headliner.

In the non-televised action airing live on RingTVLive.com, Daniel Rosales of the LAPD's Southwest Division will be participating in a three-round middleweight match against NYPD officer Nelson Cordero. Carlos Rosas of the LAPD's Newton Division will also be fighting a three-round heavyweight fight against an opponent soon to be announced.

Coming from the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) division of the Santa Monica Fire Department (SMFD), Dustin Rodriguez will take on NYPD officer Billy Ramirez in a scheduled three-round middleweight fight.

Dedrie Fonseca from LAPD's Northeast Division is scheduled for a three-round super bantamweight fight against an NYPD officer. Finally opening up the night, LAPD officer John Byun will face Dennis Burgess from the NYPD in a three-round light heavyweight brawl. Opponents will be announced shortly.

Below is what the officers on the Oscar Negrete vs. Jose Bustos undercard had to say about their upcoming fights:

DANIEL ROSALES, LAPD Southwest Division:

"I was six or seven years old when I got into boxing. My older brother of five years was big in boxing also and got me in to it. When I was eight, my dad let me box, and I lost my first few fights. After those losses, I got more serious in the sport, and I won my silver gloves at 10 years old.

"Today, I am very involved in boxing and have previously fought at Battle of the Badges. I lost my first few fights as an amateur and have now been undefeated with a 7-0 record. I train at City of Angeles Gym with the other LAPD officers.

"Growing up watching Oscar De La Hoya fight, it has been a great inspiration for me in the sport. In this fight, I'm proud to represent my department, my family, and my city.

"I got into this fight for breast cancer awareness because growing up I always did philanthropy and gave back to my community. I feel if I'm going to fight, I might as well fight for a cause."

CARLOS ROSAS, LAPD Newton Division:

"I started training in Oxnard and transferred to Mexico to train with them for their Olympics team. Although, I didn't qualify for the team, I still continued to grow in the sport.

"Fighting under the Golden Boy Promotions banner is huge, and I grew up a huge fan of Oscar De La Hoya. Being at the Belasco with the lights and the boxing fans will be a memorable experience for me. I am anxious and nervous and have all the emotions you can have. I'm hoping to fall back on the skills I learned as a child.

"I got into this event because it is such a great cause to help the many women who suffer from breast cancer. My mother had a scare from breast cancer, and it didn't hit home until my mom was testing for it. Fighting for a cure today is a very personal way for me to give back."

DUSTIN RODRIGUEZ, Santa Monica Fire Department EMT Division:

"I've been fortunate to attend many Belasco fights and never thought I'd ever participate in a fight here. My trainer is retired Golden Boy Promotions professional fighter David Rodela. Oxnard is a boxing hub, and Victor Ortiz and Francisco Santana have been two great fighters to work with and have shown me the best way to train.

"I've participated in boxing since I was a late teenager in Ventura County, and I came out of a training center in Oxnard. I've been training for 17 years and this is my tenth fight.

"One of the more personal reasons I wanted to be involved is because my mother had suffered from breast cancer twice, and participating in this fight will honor her memory."


"I started boxing two years ago and have participated in events with the LAPD Boxing team in the past, including Battle of the Badges benefiting City of Hope.

"The Susan G. Komen has dedicated themselves to ending breast cancer and that is important to us because they have dedicated themselves to saving lives. As LAPD officers we are entrusted to protect people and save lives as well.

"I have always been a boxing fan and to participate in such a large platform will really give us the voice we need to bring awareness to causes that benefit the community."


"When I joined the LAPD, I got into boxing because fellow LAPD officer and boxing fighter John Negrete introduced me to the boxing club.

"About a month and a half ago, I began to train to become a boxer and have been working very hard on my technique in the gym.

"This whole event is to support the Susan G. Komen foundation for breast cancer and I know many people who have fought cancer so it is an honor to be involved.

"I'm not familiar with my opponent NYPD officer Dennis Burgess, but I hope we can put on the best fight we can for the Susan G. Komen Foundation."