For as dominant as both Errol Spence Jr. and Terence Crawford have been over the years, neither man has established themselves as the head honcho of the 147-pound division.

Of course, following years of back-and-forth bickering, fans rejoiced as the two sides immured themselves in a room as intense negotiations proceeded. While all signs pointed to an undisputed showdown taking place at the tail end of the year, Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) revealed that constructing a deal with team Spence had become essentially impossible.

Although Crawford will now move forward with his career when he takes on David Avanesyan on December 10th, Gervonta Davis, like many, is perplexed as to what went wrong behind closed doors.

All along, the 35-year-old WBO titlist has stated on numerous occasions that despite Spence earning his stripes, that he and he alone could knock the unified champion off his high horse. However, in spite of his bravado, Davis suspects that Crawford’s confidence has been nothing more than a facade.

“If he felt like he was gonna win the fight, he would've took this offer that they gave him,” said Davis on The Rize Podcast. 

Though Crawford openly admitted that he was more than willing to accept a smaller portion of the financial pie, the Nebraska native proclaimed that team Spence refused to provide him with full financial transparency.  

As such, Crawford forged ahead without his highly esteemed dance partner. Spence, 32, is now sifting through a sea of welterweight contenders as he plans his next move.

With a showdown between them not completely dead, the betting world, from the very beginning, has stood firmly on Crawford’s side. Davis, on the other hand, believes that Spence’s propensity for punishing his foes will eventually become obtrusive in Crawford’s quest to unify the welterweight division.

Additionally, Davis is paying no mind to Crawford’s ability to box, move, and keep his opponents at bay. Having watched Spence break down countless welterweight luminaries, including Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, and most recently, Yordenis Ugas, the Baltimore native is positive that at some point, the fleet of foot Crawford will be forced to stand and bang against the heavy-hitting Spence.

“I don’t care about how much he run around, once them hands get on him, it’s gonna slow him down. Ain’t no if, he gonna touch him.”