Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis is no longer required to stand trial for criminal charges in Florida.

A domestic violence case against the unbeaten superstar boxer was vacated by State’s Attorney’s office on Monday. The development occurred just days before Davis was due to appear—via Zoom—for a pretrial hearing stemming from his December 27 arrest on one count of Battery-Causing Bodily Harm.

The case advanced despite the alleged victim—whose identity was made known at the time but omitted from out of respect for Florida’s Marsy’s Law—previously informing officials that she wished to drop the charges and would not cooperate in the case. The state ultimately received that message after months of status hearings.

“The Defendant in this case is no longer on pretrial release,” judge Catalina Avalos informed Davis and his legal team according to a court record obtained by Boxing Scene. “The prior Order(s) of Pretrial Release Conditions entered pursuant to F S 903 047 is/are hereby VACATED AND OF NO FURTHER FORCE OR EFFECT.”

Broward County court records have moved the case to Disposed status after the prosecutors entered a case Nolie Prosqui (“Do Not Wish To Prosecute”) motion on Monday.

Davis was previously arrested on December 27 after a frantic 911 call from the mother of his younger daughter. A Parkland Police incident report noted that the alleged act caused an abrasion on the inside of the alleged victim’s right lip. Davis was released on $1,000 bond one day later, though the incident in question briefly jeopardized his scheduled January 7 Showtime Pay-Per-View headliner versus Hector Garcia.

The alleged victim subsequently walked back her claims on December 30 via Instagram and also contacted the State’s Attorney’s office in a sworn statement wishing to recant her previous allegations.

“Before me, the undersigned authority, personally appeared, who, after being by me duty sworn, stated the following under oath,” the party stated in her legal request for the court to vacate the charges, according to a sworn court document obtained by Boxing Scene. “I have been listed as the purported victim in the above-styled case against my boyfriend, Gervonta Davis, whom I am aware was arrested on December 27, 2022, for domestic battery by the Parkland Police Department.  Without any hesitation or reservation whatsoever, I want to advise the Court and the State Attorney, that it is my absolute, complete, and full desire that this criminal prosecution be withdrawn and terminated, and that the Office of the State Attorney dismiss any and all such charges against Gervonta Davis.

“I do not want to testify in this case. If the charges are dismissed, and this prosecution terminated as I wish, I will not in any way hold the Office of the State Attorney, the Parkland Police Department, or anyone else responsible for dismissing the charges, for any actions of Gervonta Davis or for any other result that may occur following such dismissal. I am signing this affidavit of non-prosecution of my own free will, knowingly, freely, voluntarily and intelligently. I have not been tricked, coerced or threatened in any way in order to sign this and no promise of any nature has been made in exchange for my execution of this affidavit.”

The prosecution opted to proceed as-is without the support of the alleged victim, which is common in Domestic Violence cases. Davis entered a Not Guilty plea on January 3, just four days ahead of his eventual ninth-round knockout of Dominican Republic’s Garcia, who was unbeaten at the time of their January 7 WBA ‘Regular’ lightweight title fight in Washington, D.C.

Davis was still required to stand trial for a separate hit-and-run case in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. He ultimately pled guilty to four of the eleven remaining misdemeanor charges after three prior charges were settled out of court, with the understanding that he would be sentenced on May 5. It permitted him to proceed uninterrupted with an April 22 superfight versus Ryan Garcia, whom he knocked out in the seventh round of their blockbuster event which generated more than $120,000,000 between the live gate and PPV sales.

Less than two weeks later, Davis was sentenced to 90 days house arrest, three years’ probation and 200 hours of non-boxing related community service. Davis (29-0, 27KOs) is currently serving house detention at the Baltimore residence of Calvin Ford, his boxing lifelong head trainer.

Jake Donovan is a senior writer for Twitter: @JakeNDaBox