The year couldn’t have gone any better for Gervonta Davis. On the first Saturday of 2023, the 28-year-old wanted to kick off his campaign with a bang. He did just that when he elected to take on Hector Luis Garcia. It was a relatively close fight. That is until Davis (29-0, 27 KOs) began taking control in the second half.

The Baltimore native landed his money shot in the final few rounds, leaving Garcia wobbly. He then stumbled back to his corner before complaining to his coaching staff that he was unable to see, immediately leading to referee Albert Earl Brown stopping things from getting any worse.

Davis continued his Garcia tour by permanently shutting the mouth of Ryan Garcia. Although he shouted brazen threats and didn’t appear worried about what Davis brought to the table, he was forced to eat his words via seventh-round stoppage.

With Davis wiping out his competition in the first half of the year, he had plenty of time to make another appearance. However, a 2020 hit-and-run conviction, which ultimately led to Davis spending 44 days in jail, somewhat derailed him. Still, once his cell door was opened, fans were excited for what was next.

Would Shakur Stevenson get the call? How about Devin Haney? Frank Martin was another mouthwatering option. Even Isaac Cruz, although a healthy segment of fans weren’t particularly interested, a rematch between them was something they could stomach. Regardless of who was chosen, watching Davis saunter through a jam-packed arena before sending his opponent to the moon was always satisfying.

Not to be the bearer of bad news but don’t hold your breath in terms of a Davis return this year. While he was a bit cryptic, the pound-for-pound star revealed that his 2023 is officially over.

“I’m getting my personal life together,” said Davis on his social media account. “I’ll see y’all at the top of the year.”