Gabriel Maestre and Diego Chaves will climb into the Sugar Baby Rojas ring in Barranquilla to star in the “Double Impact” event this Thursday night. The Venezuelan Maestre will defend his WBA-Fedebol title of the super welterweight class against the experienced Argentine native in a battle that many are wondering who will come out victorious.

Barranquilla will have its last great event of the year in 2019 with the confrontation between the two fighters who are looking for an opportunity for a world championship. Maestre, who debuted in July this year and won the belt that is at stake, has spent several months in the city concentrating for this important clash and is ready to defend his belt.

In the case of Chaves, he arrived in Barranquilla last Sunday after training in Argentina and is awaiting an opportunity like the one that has now been presented to him by a regional belt.

The combat will be broadcast by ESPN Knock-out and all other fight week activities will take place in the next few days. The official press conference is now in the books, were the protagonists and their teams were talking about the fight and their expectations with local media.

On Wednesday, they will have to go up to the ring to mark the regulatory weight and will be enabled to fight for the belt.

The Colombian, Jeovanis Barraza, will be in the co-star fight, facing Mexican native Fernando Silva in the welterweight class. Olympic silver medalist, Yoel Finol, will also fight on the card.

“Double Impact” will be a two-day event in which there will be a total of 14 matches with great talents from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.