In the opinion of countless prognosticators, the career of Gabriel Rosado has been somewhat disappointing. Initially, the Philadelphia native started off strong, winning five consecutive bouts in 2006, his first year as a pro. From there, however, things began going south.

Pegged as a hotshot prospect, Rosado was handed his first career blemish at the hands of Chris Gray, a fighter who ended his career with a record of just 13-23-1. Although he would bounce back in the immediate aftermath, Rosado has been on the short end of the stick far more than he would like.

In an attempt to stop his current three-fight losing streak, the 37-year-old will audaciously move up in weight to take on Gilberto Ramirez. While Rosado continues his preparation, he begins to have a moment of nostalgia. Looking back as a blissful teenager, Rosado (26-16-1, 15 KOs) smiles vividly as he remembers the lofty expectations he once bestowed upon his own shoulders.

Of course, things haven't gone according to plan. But even with a heavily tattered record and no major world titles to show for it, Rosado isn’t ashamed of how things ultimately played out.

“I remember when I first started, I’m like yo I’m a be 40 and 0,” said Rosado to DAZN Boxing. “I’m a be this division champ, this division champ but this is where I’m at. I embrace it because my career is unique and it’s different.”

His willingness to dust himself off and put one foot in front of the other has led to worldwide respect among his peers.

On numerous occasions, coming up short even a handful of times has led fighters to go through agonizing rebuilds or the acceptance that lacing up their gloves has come to an end. Rosado, on the other hand, doesn't have a single quitting bone in his body.

All in all, the longtime journeymen concludes that his career is defined by more than just wins and losses. As he continues to reflect on everything that he’s been through, Rosado firmly believes that his career, more than anything else, is a euphemism for the roller coasters that everyone is forced to deal with on a daily basis.

“My career is like life. Life has ups and downs. I really be looking at my career like life. Can you imagine like in life, when things get hard, you let that defeat you? You ain’t never gonna make nothing out of your life.”