WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury made it clear that he doesn't harbor any animosity towards unified world champion Oleksandr Usyk.

Earlier in the year, their teams were in serious talks to make an undisputed fight for an April date at Wembley Stadium in London.

Usyk had agreed to a 70-30 split in Fury's favor for the first encounter. But, Usyk wanted a 70-30 split in his own favor, should he win, for a rematch. Fury stood firm on a 50-50 split for the rematch - and as a result their discussions fell apart.

There are now rumblings that promotional company Skill Challenge Entertainment of Saudi Arabia is going to present Fury with a very large offer to face Usyk on a December date in the Middle East. Usyk recently signed a promotional agreement with Skill Challenge.

Fury is still hoping that he can get in the ring with Usyk to crown an undisputed champion.

"I would love to fight Usyk for the undisputed titles. But at the minute Usyk is running like a cheater, he is running so fast, he can't get away from me quick enough. The only reason this fight hasn't happened is Usyk wants more bags, he wants more money," Fury stated in Foxify Trade Twitter Spaces.

So, I don't blame him for that because at the end of the day it's a short career and it's a business. So, it's not a personal thing of 'I hate Usyk' or 'oh my god Usyk didn't fight me', for whatever reasons. This is strictly business. Usyk is waiting for the big money, the $100 million he's going to get from the Saudis for a fight in November or whenever it's going to happen.

"So, I can't hold it against him. I know he's a family man and he's got mouths to feed, so I wish him luck, it's not personal, it's a sport for one and a business for two. But, when we do finally meet, I'm going to annihilate him, that's a fact."