Heavyweight contender Jermaine Franklin is shaking his head at the recent drug testing controversy involving former opponent Dillian Whyte.

Last November, Franklin lost a close twelve round majority decision to Whyte.

There were some observers who felt Franklin had done enough to pull out a win.

However, news broke last weekend that Whyte was removed from this coming Saturday's rematch with Anthony Joshua - after Matchroom revealed that Whyte had "adverse findings" during his drug testing protocol with VADA.

Whyte had previously served a two-year ban in connection to a positive drug test in 2012, and he also had an adverse drug test in 2019 - but was ultimately cleared of the charges by UKAD.

Whyte has proclaimed his innocence in the latest matter.

Based on the history of three separate drug testing scandals, Franklin believes there is a possibility that Whyte could have been using performance enhancing drugs when they met in the ring.

"Like he probably used them when we fought. I heard this ain’t the first time, so I’m figuring he was probably doing it when we fought too. I didn’t feel anything that didn’t feel right [when we fought]," Franklin explained to Boxing News.

"It pisses me off [when fighters cheat]. I get enraged. We train our whole lives – we train hard – we give it our all and then people just come in and take advantage and cheat. It’s not fair to the ones that live the sport – the ones that really love and care about the sport. It’s not fair to us. People die from doing this sport. People get life-changing experiences. People like that are probably the people that are damaging other people. It’s f----- up.

"It should not be allowed – people should get [permanently] banned from the sport. I understand if you’ve taken a drug that’s on the banned substance list then you can get a suspension, but if you’re taking PEDs and you get caught taking them more than one time your ass should be banned from boxing. You’re a hazard to people’s health. Promoters need to think about that too. If you’ve got a guy who’s caught taking PEDs, wouldn’t he be hurtful to your business – to you making money as a promoter? People gotta think about this sh!t full circle. These guys taking PEDs can potentially alter somebody’s life, and then promoters, you got a fighter you wasted so much f------ money on you can’t even get a fight for them. Nobody wants to fight them ‘cause they take steroids."