Frank Warren, co-promoter for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, says there is little to no chance of a rematch with Dillian Whyte.

This past Saturday night at Wembley Stadium in London, Fury knocked Whyte out in the sixth round of their mandatory fight.

Fury controlled the majority of the contest, with the end coming when Whyte was rocked badly by an uppercut in the sixth.

While Whyte admits he was hurt, he claims Fury "illegally" pushed him down after landing the uppercut. Whyte claims that his head bounced off the mat when crashing down, but several video replays of the knockdown sequence fail to show that occurrence.

Whyte believes the ending of the fight, and the referee's refusal to provide him with more time to recover, should be enough to justify a rematch.

Warren disagrees.

"No. What for? Based upon what?' When I was younger I was asking to take Julia Roberts out, it never happened. The only unsatisfactory thing for him was the fact he got stopped, he got knocked out, and that's the end of it," Warren said to Talk Sport.

"It's not even debatable, it's not even worth even going there. Zero [chance of a rematch].  It's not gonna happen Dillian, you've got to fight your way back into contention and good luck to you doing that."

Warren has been contacted by anyone from Whyte's team with respect to a rematch.

"No, not heard a word from him. He was gone, he was out on his feet. [It was] better that Tyson pushed him than punched him because he would have never got up," Warren said. "He doesn't have a case. He was beaten, he was solidly beaten." 

After the fight, Fury expressed the desire to retire from boxing.

Warren will wait to see what Fury's final decision will be.

"I wouldn't convince him because it's up to him to convince himself," Warren said. "The fact of the matter is every fighter, nearly all of them have all come back, very few of them have actually retired. You have to remember that he's been in camp continuously now for months and months and so he wants a break from it. He'll need a break because he's been working hard and then he'll make a decision."