Frank Martin said what he needed to say to sell pay-per-views.

“Don’t slip up, don’t run into something,” Martin told unbeaten lightweight champion Gervonta Davis on stage. “If he (does), you’re all going to see Gervonta Davis knocked out. If he comes in and acts crazy, he’s going to sleep.”

With fewer cameras on, Martin (18-0, 12 KOs) admitted his route to victory as a +450 underdog is best taken by out-boxing Baltimore’s Davis (29-0, 27 KOs).

“Yeah, we know he’s always getting outboxed by guys,” Martin said of Davis, who’s been out of the ring for 14 months. 

“Even in his last fight (a knockout of Ryan Garcia), he was getting out-boxed.

“We’ve just got to go 12 rounds.”

Easier said than done, of course, given Davis’ experience advantage as a three-division champion and the champion’s reputation as one of the sport’s purest knockout artists.

As they finished their news-conference face-off photos Wednesday, Davis feigned a punch at Martin, who flinched.

Davis said he did it to keep Martin edgy and nervous about what’s coming.

Martin insists he’s prepared.

“You’ve gotta be woke,” Martin said. “Every second of every round. Gotta be alert. Gotta have your eyes open.

“Fighting is 80 percent mental, 20 percent physical. They play a good game at throwing guys off mentally.

“Everything that’s been going on has been prepping me for what could go on mentally. I’m prepared for it. When it comes my way, I’m ready.”