UK - Francesca Hennessy (2-0, 1 KO) outboxed Argentina’s Lucrecia Bellen Arrieta (6-6) over six rounds at bantamweight. 

Still only 19, Hennessy bounced into her second professional appearance after a very impressive debut in September. Arrieta has been around and knows her way around the ring but it was clear from the opening moments of the fight that she just lacked the hand and foot speed to cause Hennessy serious problems. Hennessy was able to step into range and let quick burst of punches go before skirting back out of range. She did get clipped by one overhand right but took it well.

Realising that her chances were going to be few and far between, Arrieta decided to bide her time and sat down on her shots a little bit from the second. She did land a solid shot to the body but Hennessy was the more active fighter. 

Hennessy is at her best when she punches in combination. One particular combination which ended with left hooks to body and head really caught the eye. Arrieta slung in her own left hook but her hands were just not quick enough and she was beaten to the punch in the exchanges. Hennessy ended the third with another two handed combination, once again punctuating it with a left hook. 

Feeling like Arrieta was beginning to struggle, Hennessy got straight down to business in the fourth. She landed a right hand to open the round and although Arrieta put together a determined burst in retaliation, she felt shot continually. When Hennessy stepped in and let her hands go, the Argentinean found it difficult to cope.

Arrieta was bundled to the canvas three times in the fifth as the pace really began to take its toll and Hennessy went hunting for a finish at the start of the sixth. Although she was exhausted, the brave Arrieta always managed to fire back with something to keep Hennessy off.

Referee Reece Carter scored the fight 59-55 for Hennessy.