Carl Frampton, who nears the age of 34, could see his career come to a close with a world title defense against Olympic silver medal winner Shakur Stevenson in Belfast.

Frampton will attempt to become a three division champion when he challenges WBO super featherweight beltholder Jamel Herring on February 27.

The winner of that fight will have to make a mandatory defense against Stevenson.

Frampton is very pumped to hear that Stevenson would be willing to travel overseas to make the fight.

He explains that a win over Herring, followed by a defense with Stevenson, could be the perfect way to close out his career.

"I have it on good authority that Shakur Stevenson would come to Belfast to fight me if I do beat Jamel," Frampton said on the Inside Fighting podcast. "That's a huge fight. That could be the sign-off - imagine beating Shakur Stevenson at Belfast.

"The chance for me to box in Belfast again in front of a big crowd is very appealing to me. Me and Shakur potentially at Windsor Park after Jamel Herring. But I'm not looking too far ahead, it's one fight at a time, I need to beat Jamel Herring first."

At the moment Frampton is gearing up for Herring, which he feels has the potential of being the toughest fight of his career.

"It could be the toughest fight of my career. It's going to be a difficult night but I'm relishing the chance to become a three-weight world champion. It's just the simple fact that people are writing me off and thinking I'm too small to win this fight, that excites me," Frampton said.

"I can imagine what the pictures are going to look like, me and him, at the weigh-in. It's just going to look ridiculous and like we shouldn't be fighting each other, but that gets me excited to beat someone like that."