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Default I hope this helps you guys

Hi everyone. I've seen a few post on losing weight or making weight, so I'm going to give you my info..

First I want to say that diet is a way of life for an athelete and not something that's done every so often.

CRASH COURSE:Basal Metabolic Rate-BMR. Ths is your metabolism when you're not doing anything, or just staying alive. The problem with dieting is that when you start a diet, or restrict your caloric intake, you slow down your bmr. Its a defense mechanism so that you stay alive when food is scarce. The body doesnt know it's 2005 and food is abundant for us here. The catch is that this slowing down of your bmr doesn't happen right away. It takes a few (around4) days for it to adjust. This is your window of oppertunity. Say your daily caloric intake should be 1000 calories(I'll use this number because it's easier to do the math, your intake should be much higher as someone who trains). Eat properly for 3-4 days. You know, healthy whole foods. Cut out the junk and deep fried goodness that we enjoy so much. Now for 2-3 days restrict your caloric intake by 25%, so that now your eating 750 calories(remember yours will be much more). Then, after the 2-3 days go back to the normal 1000 calories a day for 3-4 days. Then just keep repeating the cycle. Try to time your toughest workouts so that they fall on the restricted days. Because your metabolism is still high you won't fell any lag during training. But because you haven't consumed the total calories required the body will have to burn its fat to continue with the work out. You can also experiment with these numbers. You can eat proper for 3-4 days and restrict for 3-4 days. But dont go excessive and restrict for a long time, anything over 5 days. Just keep in mind that, because this is not a crash diet you won't shed pounds. You'll have to be patient and train hard. You might not even see the scale change in the begining if your training really hard and putting on muscle at the same time.

Good luck everyone, and remeber, stick to the game plan.
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