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Default His boxing style

I'm aware styles are learned / developed / born in to wahtwatverwahtaver wahtaver. Nature vs nurture kinda deal yada yada.

BUT it also depends on your body type. For instance, Mike tyson was a 5'11 heavy weight which was pretty small compared to people he fought like Holyfield who was 6'2 or Lennox Lewis who was 6'5.

Point is he was very stocky. natually he had to be a pressure fighter. he had no reach and couldn't outbox guys like them.

Whats your take on somebody, 5'10 150 pounds with a 25 inch arm length

I think this information is important, what would be his best bet with those measurements in terms of style. This is kind of important because his training should be dependent on what his body calls for.

for instance
I'm sure fighters who "danced" like ali concentrated on A LOT of rope work.

I may be just pulling ALL of this out of my ass. does this make any sense?
Politely correct me on any wrong points i brought up. and some suggestions might be nice.
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Me, Im 5'10ish and I go from 145-155 over night lol (Im 16). I have a very althetic type body. My arms are long and lean and my legs are also long and lean. I can work on the inside. But my forte is boxing. Stick and move stick and move thats how I fight. But as we know boxing isnt all about physical assets. Its just as much mental as it is physical. Figuring out your opponet is also a big big big thing. If you try something that doesnt work, dont try it again. Say you go to jab up stairs then jab down stairs, and he counters with a right, so now after you get counted think about if he was waiting to parry the punch or he just timed it right. This will see if your opponet is a counter puncher (there dangerious). But just do what you feel is right. if you 7 foot tall and have 90' reach and you feel more comfortable banging the body up close and working on the inside go for it
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