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Red face lose weight (including muscle mass) but keep or even increase power?

i plan to take up boxing hopefully within the next 6 months. right now, i'm hitting the gym hard and on a 10 week journey to gain as much strength as i can.

my best lifts sets/reps
deadlift 315 x 7
squat 265lbs x 5
bench press 225 x 1

deadlift 400lbs x 5
squat 315lbs x 8
bench 250lbs x 1

right now i'm 210lbs at roughly 25% bodyfat at 5'10. i want to drop down to 165-170lbs. would it be possible to increase strength or atleast maintain it while at the same time dropping some muscle mass?
i'm thinking if it is, i would probably need a different workout routine.

also, for boxers who fight at 160lbs or 168lbs, at what weight would they be during training prior to the weigh in? what would their walk around weight be and at roughly what bodyfat do you guys think? obviously it depends on the fighter but a good standard for both would be a nice guideline for me.

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