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Default Wlad's "weak" chin


I decided to open this thread as this puzzles me for the long time now.
I am Wlad's fan but more than that I am boxing fan I like to discuss on boxing and on fighters. I like to read reasonable arguments and I tend to change my opinion even on my favorite fighters.

Today whenever someone mentions Wlad one of the first things that emerges is his 'weak/glass' chin. It's taken almost as the fact and it is like that for the long time.

I can't really think of any other active or past fighter who was so dominant for such a long time that has been accused for having 'glass chin' more than Wlad (in any division). Moreover what I find very strange is the fact Wlad is a super heavyweight boxer where knock outs are happening more often than in any other division.

Now here are some facts (I am not 'fact guy', I just want to put some merit in my coming questions).

Wlad fought 62 fights and he was beaten 3 times by TKO.
He never was KOed or put down by single punch. Every time he was on his feet before 10.
He never was down in his 140 amateur fights.

He was knock down by Sanders who is a hell of the puncher. The proof of that is 74% KO ratio among the fights he won. I never saw somebody was able to shake Vitali with a single punch as he manged to (and that's in the 1st round). He was a very hard handed fighter. I can't think of many fighters that would survive this :

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

Now going to Brewster fight. Noone who is objective enough can't deny there was something very strange the way Wlad looked in that fight. Wlad looked gassed out after the first round. He never looked like that before. He continued draining without even be touched by Brewster. The way he looked by the end of fight doesn't look like a hurt fighter at all, but as someone who is completely drained and gassed out.

Image View Removed. Please Click Here.

This is what Emanuel said : "Wladimir was in perfect shape for the bout. In all of my years as a trainer, I have never seen anything like this. I know when a fighter is hurt from an opponent’s punches. In this case, there was something else causing Wladimir’s problems."

I am not convinced that this fight showed anything about Wlad's chin.

Then there is Peter's fight. Peter coming in that fight was a monster with record of 24-0 (21 by KO). He put Wladimir down 3 times in that fight, but many argue that 2 of those 3 were rabbit punches. That one which was clear in 10 round came more from Wlad's poor coordination than from him being hurt. He was fully recovered in matter of seconds after every knock down and he actually looked better than peter in same rounds.

Now there are lot of fighters that showed significant improvement in chin's strength with years. Foreman is the best example. Briggs is other that comes to mind. After Brewster Wlad fought 17 times and in those fights he did take some quite good shots from big punchers. Isn't possible that his chin improved with time?

Only recently he took a very good clear punch from David Haye. He was wobbled but with similar punch haye was able to put down Chisora who is known for the good chin.

Then he took a monstrous clear punch from 6 ft 8" giant on steroids and again I think he recovered very quickly and reacted well.

And for the end...

I don't claim by any means, Wlad has great or even very good chin but I wonder if people are taking on his chin too much.

And please don't make this thread in typical klitschko-antiklitschko trolling. I am really asking this as a boxing fan!
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