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Originally Posted by studentofthegam View Post
Recently I sat and watched a couple of Ricky Burns's fights and I dont see a fight with Broner going past 3 rounds. Maybe I watched the wrong fights.........Nah it would be a blowout. I aint trying to throw darts at him but there is absolutely no reason to avoid him outside the fact that he wants too much money. Now in his defense I could see why he wants big bucks guaranteed because in his heart of hearts he knows the beating he would be in for. Can anyone enlighten me If Im missing something that would make this fight competitive?
Did you watch the Moses fight, Katsidis fight and Recent Mitchell fight? Its funny how everybody see's Broner as this Unstoppable Monster with God-like boxing skills and Little crap bum Ricky Burns who has no power, speed, chin or technique to even make it past the second stands no chance with the MIGHTY ADRIEN BRONER!!! lol give me a break! the guy has been fighting little zombie-like mexicans who are scared to death and also has been basically a welterweight on fight night while fighting those guys, Broner is good but WAYYYYY Overhyped, Burns is a very good technical boxer with long arms, a great jab, tight guard and punches very well to the head and body, He is also a BIG dude, he will also come in at fight night around 140-148 lbs.

I will still pick broner to win by a UD (like a 116-112 or 115-113 type scorecard) But at the same time i wouldnt be shocked if burns wins.
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