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Default Adamek-Cunningham II my take, round by round

I watched this last night after already knowing the result, which introduces some problems I admit, but I attempted to score it carefully and recorded my thoughts round-by-round as I watched. I ended up with 7-4-1 Adamek. Many of the rounds I thought could've gone either way though. I think the fight was razor thin, and very difficult to score. I do not think it was a robbery. Many may not agree with me, but I do provide my reasoning, so see the descriptions.


1. Even (Close as hell)
2. Adamek (Close as hell)
3. Cunningham (Cunningham racked up a lot of work in the start of the round. Adamek isn't just looking to steal rounds though, contrary to the announcers. Cunningham is not fighting a full 3 minutes, and Adamek comes on when Cunningham becomes inactive.)
4. Adamek (Close as hell) This isn't an easy fight to score so far, except round 3. Even round 3, Cunningham let off the gas and Adamek almost did some work to close the distance, but not enough to make up for the deficit.
5. Adamek (Cunningham holding back too much, letting Adamek walk in, not making him pay for the real estate).
6. Adamek (Cunningham had the best single punch of the round, but Adamek answered with a combo that partially landed--I mean some of the punches got in. Adamek controlled most of the round. Another close round. Cunningham is giving Adamek too much respect. Still, very close round).
7. Cunningham (The rounds I have scored for Cunningham are basically still close, but a little bit more clear in his direction. He isn't fighting a full 3 minutes, which is a little bit of a pet peeve of mine. He is trying to put something in the bank, and then use his legs to drift through the round. It is backfiring, because that allows Adamek to in fact put in aggression. Adamek landed some good shots at the end. I still give it to Cunningham.)
8. Cunningham (Close as hell. Cunnhingham not fighting 3 minutes leaves Adamek the opportunity to fill in the gaps.)
9. Adamek (This one wasn't that difficult). I haven't totaled up my score as I've recorded it, but almost every round is close, and could be argued either way imo. A couple rounds are clearer, this is one. The bottom line, Cunningham seems like he could be doing better, but he either won't, or can't, fight 3 minutes in a round. This leaves an opportunity to Adamek. It also doesn't reflect well on him. In a very close round, sometimes the benefit of the doubt will go to the closer. It isn't Adamek just trying to steal rounds imo.
10. Cunningham (His best round. And even so, Cunningham still taking breaks in the middle of the rounds. This was a clear Cunningham round, but when he takes breaks is when Adamek does his best work. Cunningham is shooting himself in the foot. That, or he doesn't have the gas tank to fight 3 minutes.)
11. Adamek. (Cunningham fought well for the first minute, Adamek did better for the latter two, and Adamek did land some decent shots in the round.)
12. Adamek (Another close round. I liked Adamek's effective aggression. Again, Cunningham doing too much cruising and too much holding. Still, a toss up.)

So the tally, I had it 7-4-1 Adamek.

Most of the rounds toss ups. The first round was really close, often it is hard to score opening rounds because they are feeling out rounds, especially in a fight like this, where there is so little to separate the guys in so many of the rounds. Round 1 perhaps Cunningham. Even if so, still 7-5 Adamek for me. Bottom line, there were so many close rounds. Not a robbery at all. A very close fight. Cunningham could've won the fight, but he couldn't fight 3 minutes of a round, and he left the door open for Adamek. If he could've fought the full 3 minutes of the rounds, the fight didn't even need to be close. Adamek did all of his best work when Cunningham stopped fighting.
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